Revolutionize your intimacy, your sexuality, your approach to women and your partner, but also your relationship with other brothers.

Men’s Work refers to the inner work dedicated to the masculine identity. It means to bring awareness on what it means to be a man in today’s society and to work on the shadow aspects connected to such identity.

As a man, what brought me to this path was becoming conscious of my dysfunctional programs that were attached to my masculine identity.

Therefore I understood that I needed to stop believing that I knew how to live my sexuality (which is an important part of my identity), that I have to re-educate myself about my beliefs around women, but also that I have to reframe my own beliefs about masculinity and men in general.

If you are a man, most probably you have accumulated lots of suffering around these topics in your life. And you may not feel it because you learned how to numb it. In any case, doing men’s work can be a revolutionary step in your life as a man.

I went through different kinds of experiences that led me to design and offer courses and workshops where men can do the work they need.

I created an online workshop for men called “The Attractive Hero” that I have been running since 2020. See more information about it here.

I created a FREE online mini-course for men to learn more about intimacy, and how to develop it to a deeper level.

I also created workshops for men in person, focused just on sexuality.

In all these spaces I share tools to improve your knowledge and experience around sexuality, relationships, self-awareness, self-pleasure and much more.

Any new event and relative dates will be announced through my socials, here in my website and through my mailing list (subscribe here to join it).


Thrive in authentic brotherhood.

Feel seen and recognized for who you are

by other brothers in path like you.

I have organized and guided Men’s Circle in different countries for a few years. This is a powerful space for men to feel seen, inspired and supported by other men. Most men crave for a feeling of healthy brotherhood that they can’t experience in their daily life. It’s part of my mission to kick-start different Men’s Circle all over the world, and eventually to connect them as an international network of support, beyond borders.

It can be in person or online.

What is a Men’s Circle?

The circle is an ancestral practice in which people come together and put themselves on an equal footing. There are no hierarchies or masters in the circle. There is often a facilitator, or a leader of the circle (sometimes fixed or rotating), but this depends on the experience of the participants.

It can be a single event or a fixed appointment for a group of people, it can be open or closed to newcomers, it can last 2 hours or an entire day… There’s no fixed structure for this.

However, there are some pillars or guidelines in order to create a safe space, and they can change from group to group.

The purpose of the circle is to offer a safe space of care and compassion between fellow humans. In the case of the men's circle the emphasis is on men and masculinity. Together we investigate what it means to be a man, and how to evolve as men.

"Masculinity" today is a term that has acquired negative connotations, as if it were necessarily something toxic. With the circle of men we bring the concept of masculinity back to its sacredness. We want to remove any shame that hovers over this idea, detach it from its patriarchal distortion, and bring it back to a spirit of brotherhood, collaboration and mutual support. In the circle, men have the opportunity to expose themselves and reflect on each other, thus feeling more similar than they would have imagined, and less alone in their daily challenges.

In this type of space a kind of magic is always created. A spirit of unity, brotherhood and motivation unites all members of the circle.

The circle is in fact a powerful support for one's growth.

Would you like me to organize a Men's Circle?

Let's have a connection-call to see what are the possibilities to make it happen.


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