Have the transformational experience of deep and authentic intimacy in a group setting.

To work with intimacy to me means to begin from ourselves. Indeed the word “intimacy” in its Latin origin refers to something “within”. When we access that vulnerable and hidden part in us, beyond the coat of our personality and its protections, we access our authentic Self. It’s from this space that we can connect heart-to-heart with someone else (or something else). Intimacy is that bridge that is created in this kind of connection. Therefore it doesn’t have to be sexual. When we bring consciousness and a heartful presence in the connection, we can let it become what it wants to become, in the respect of everyone’s boundaries.

Since I wasn’t able to discern intimacy from sexuality, it took me a big journey of mistakes and painful relationships in order to evolve my intimacy into something beautiful, uplifting but also powerful and much more exciting. I can now be deeply intimate with myself and with other people, without necessarily involving my sexuality.

What is a Conscious Intimacy Playshop?

Inspired by Tantric practices (and not only), in this kind of playshop people will be guided into a journey of authentic, sincere connection, through group dynamics.

I used different names for this kind of experience, with different collaborators:

Alchemic Intimacy, Flows of Intimacy, Art of Intimacy, Somatic Interplay

… but they all refer to the same concept. This is not only about connecting with others, but especially connecting with ourselves, with our soul and the feeling of liberation. During this journey people will experience different stages, from emotional to physical and spiritual connection. As facilitator and guide, I will provide the container where people can safely explore their own inner spaces and share it with others. Touch will be explored in a safe and conscious way, as a powerful tool that can help us to engage with ourselves but also to feel deeply the connection between different bodies. People will have the opportunity to experience that intimacy doesn’t have to be sexual, and that sexual energy can be transformed by letting it pass through the heart. My intention is that at the end of it they will feel more open and confident to express themselves for who they truly are. I want them to be able to establish deep connections with who they want. Intimacy is a flow of energy, and anyone can learn how to let it happen. No nudity or explicit sexual interaction will be part of the playshop.

Would you like me to organize a playshop or a retreat?

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