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The Attractive Hero

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5th edition

“We need to learn to love and be loved by the mature masculine. We need to learn to celebrate authentic masculine power and potency, not only for the sake of our personal well-being as men and for our relationships with others, but also because the crisis in mature masculinity feeds into the global crisis of survival we face as a species.”
— Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, King, Warrior, Magician, Lover


Develop the courage to be the man you always wanted to be

(starting the 16th of January 2023)

supporting each other, together.











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With this course you will learn how to…

  • Be more aware of your inner power
  • Enhance your sense of freedom
  • Improve your sex life and learn to be more aware of your sexual energy
  • Establish a deeper connection with women
  • Increase her pleasure inside and outside the bedroom
  • Inspire her to surrender to you
  • Become the hero of your life (and hers)



for you
IF all you’re looking for is how to pick-up random girls,
OR IF you are searching for a simple recipe to improve your life.

IS for you
IF you want to learn to attract a woman that inspires you to better connect with your purpose,

OR IF you have already a partner AND you want to step into a new stage of intimacy with her.

you’re ready to commit to challenge yourself in order to improve your life, this course IS for you.

Structure and details:

  • The course is 4 weeks long and it’s developed in 5 live sessions.
  • There is 1 session per week (every Tuesday at 7:30pm CET).
  • Every session takes around 1,5 hours.
  • Before beginning (or during) the course you will have a 1 to 1 session with me. There I will understand what you want to work on, and together we’ll set your personal goals for the course and for your life.
  • The live sessions will take place via Zoom and they will be recorded. The recordings will be available only to the participants of the course you enroll with.

  • You will have access to different video lessons to watch during the period of the course. The video lessons are integrative part of the course.
  • The course will include weekly homework and practices.
  • After 1 month from the end of the course there will be a group session of integration to check-in and support the reaching of the goals that we have set together at the beginning.
  • At the end of the course, to better support your journey, you will have the possibility to start a 1:1 mentorship program with me at a discounted price.
    A FREE discovery session will be available before taking any decision.

  • To achieve your goals successfully it’s important to have a total commitment with the course.


About this course

I called this course #TheAttractiveHero because it takes a heroic attitude to embark into a journey of transformation.
It takes courage to most of us to open and honestly say “Yes, I have to work on myself”.
It’s easier to believe that you have nothing to improve, and blaming others, or your partner, about the things that are not going well in our life.

Once you have the right attitude your power of attraction will change automatically. That is called magnetism.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more powerful and beautiful the environment around you will appear.
The more balanced your masculinity is, the more balanced relationship you will attract.

A powerful man attracts a powerful woman. The more power both of you have together, the more challenging the relationship can be.

That’s why we all need the tools and the awareness to know how to manage this power.

It’s not easy and it’s a never ending work, but you have to start somewhere.
You don’t want to FEEL powerful and live in self-glorification. In this case you will attract women that will feed your illusion, but none of you can grow in this kind of relationship.
You may want to BE powerful, to live aware of your limits and to constantly work to improve them. In this case you will attract a woman that will be happy to support you in this process, as you would help her in her own process, helping each other as a team, supporting each other in the challenging moments.
If this is the type of relationship you would like to call in to your life (either a long love story or just a short date), this course is for you! Let’s begin this journey together.



I divided the course in a sequence of three parts: ME, HER, US.
Every part focus on specific topics and it’s designed in order to build a path that goes from your inside (your masculine identity, your own sexuality, etc…) to the outside (women and your relationship with them).

We will start the journey with the focus on you, from different aspects, including the sexual condition. If you want to improve yourself on a personal level and grow to a higher version of yourself, the sexual aspect of your personality is important to touch on.
We will work together as a group with some targets, but you will also set your individual goals to strive towards.
In this course you will be the creator of your own foundation for the following weeks, with my support of course. Hopefully this will be a foundation you can carry with you for the rest of your life.


Addressed topics in this part: *

  • The masculine and the feminine
  • The game of polarity
  • Toxic and healthy masculinity
  • De-conditioning
  • Men’s sexuality
  • Men’s sexual issues and their solutions
  • Semen retention
  • Self-pleasure



In this part you will explore the relationship you have with women and you’ll improve your understanding and your approach to them.
You will also learn more about women’s sexuality, and how you can hold that intimate space to make a woman feel safe to express herself.
Here you will develop new skills to better connect with her deep pleasure.


Addressed topics in this part: *

  • Presence
  • Romanticism
  • Empathy
  • The wild feminine
  • Women’s sexuality
  • Women’s pleasure and arousal
  • Differences between women’s and men’s pleasure
  • Anatomy of her pleasure



We will bring the first two parts together and you will se how you can create a strong, sexy & fun dynamic between you and your partner (or the woman you will attract).


Addressed topics in this part: *

  • Intimate relationships and the three stages
  • Boundaries
  • Sex as a sacred space
  • Sex styles
  • Sexual issues with the partner and their solutions
  • Sexual openness


Then you will walk on your own but you will be supported by the experience we had together, with me and the other heroic men in the group.
Remember, this course is like a gym, where we work all together motivating and inspiring each others.
This is a call for action and there’s no reason to wait.
Many men are already moving their butts toward this direction in this exact moment, because this is the start of a new era. An era of a man who drops his old conditioning and step into a new powerful and healthy role model.


* The topics are indicative and they might be expanded or updated



What others say:


“This course has helped me immensely in my quest of better understanding and getting in touch with my masculinity, my femininity, my sensuality and my sexuality in a healthy way”

I would recommend this course to every man who is sincere in healing himself, who is sincere in the quest to become the best version of himself and also for every man who wishes to connect on a deeper level with himself, with his intimate partner and as well to other men and women.
Manuele is extremely skilled in holding space and challenge you to overcome your burdens and bondages that keep you from being your highest self. He pushes you, he sees you, he challenges you. And he does so from a place of, in my opinion, love and a sincere will to help you transform yourself.
It is obvious to me that Manuele has dug deep within himself to heal and transform himself and that his work is based on his own experiences aswell as ancient spiritual and healing techniques and philosophies.
This course has helped me immensely in my quest of better understanding and getting in touch with my masculinity, my femininity, my sensuality and my sexuality in a healthy way. For me it has been an invaluable period of learning and transforming myself to a higher version of me than before I took a course.
I highly recommend it to anyone who is sincere in their quest of becoming an attractive hero and a spiritual warrior!



“This course is helpful for men who are seriously interested in taking the first steps towards building a deeper relationship with themselves, and as a consequence a better relationship with their partner”

It addresses a lot of the stereotypes of masculinity and femininity and asks the participants to look at those stereotypes critically to see how embracing both sides is important to the individual. It’s helpful for men who sit on either side of that spectrum, whether you are trying to get in touch with your more creative ‘feminine’ side or trying to build a stronger ‘masculine’ identity.
Personally, this course showed me that I had been neglecting myself and how detrimental that has been to developing the focused and more driven aspects of my masculinity. It also helped me consider how my own ideas of toxic masculinity and seduction kept me from embracing certain elements of lovemaking and the needs of the wild and sacred feminine.
This course has something for everyone. It addresses broad issues that we face as men in today’s rapidly evolving society on a daily basis, as well as provides the support to build healthy practices to take with you once it’s over.



“The guidance and constant reminder of awareness awakened a true sense of strength, and a new connection to my masculinity”


It had been a while I was looking for some man figure guidance for a deeper connection on the virtues I’ve known to have, but somehow between all my life relationships it had been masked or hidden in the shadows.
Manu was definitely a universe attraction, I was ready to take all the steps for my own energy healing.
Beautiful and powerful, through Manu’s process and structures I was able to access my fears, my shames, my downfalls, very caring and compassionate towards myself.
The guidance and constant reminder of awareness awakened a true sense of strength, and a new connection to my masculinity.
Conscious sexuality is a life change for me and my partner, being actually present and triggering pleasures without expectations, pleasures beyond imagination can be achieved intentionally now.
Having said that, I am most grateful for Manu, and all he has made us achieve, the brotherhood, the healthier living.
Super Grateful.



“It helped me with my relationship with myself and with my partner”

In the beginning it took me some time to decide either I wanted to take part of the course or not because I didn’t like the idea of gathering online with people I don’t know. That was very new for me. But in the end I wouldn’t want to miss out the experience I made and the people I met and got to know during these weeks.
We were talking a lot about sexuality, communication and self-love. Manu was just a great teacher. He has a huge amount of knowledge that he could give to us and he has a really powerful character. It was just fun talking to him and to the other men.
It helped me with my relationship with myself and with my partner. Even with the relationship with my inner kid, and with the relationship with my all environment.
I recommend the course for anyone who’s a little bit lost or off track, who doesn’t know where to go and wants to focus more on listen his inner self.



“An amazing balance between team spirit, being together, and at the same time doing your alone work”

If you’re similar to me, or if you have some aspects that are kind of similar, you definitely find yourself in this masculine body thinking ‘Is this it? Is there something else to it? Am I doing it right? Why there are certain things that they seem right but they don’t work?’ there are just lots of questions.
I’m getting to the point of being vulnerable but courageous enough to sign up to a man circle pretty much. To be there surrounded and supported by different men from different countries and experiences but yet similar goal to grow together, to uplift together, to encourage together, and to change. To accept yourself, to accept each others. To share heart-ship, to share some secrets to have it raw, to be fully authentic with yourself and with others, and not be ashamed or afraid of that. I think it’s the perfect place to begin, to get the feel for that, to see what’s possible, to see out there, to be heard and to learn how to listen. I found that the course was an amazing balance between team spirit, being together, and at the same time doing your alone work (meditating, exercises, going in depth within yourself…).
I would highly recommend it to everybody, or at least to anybody who is searching, who is a seeker. Probably is you.



“Manu has been incredibly supportive, not hesitating to have extra 1 to 1 calls for showing me the right direction in the darkest moments”

I approached The Attractive Hero in a difficult moment for myself. I was extremely discouraged in my relationship life and I was feeling quite bad about myself. Most of all, I was feeling really unattractive and incapable of manifesting the real me.
Manu has immediately shown his commitment towards the whole path. We had a long chat even before starting and that has given me the push to start.
During the weekly sessions, the mix of group discussion, advice and exercises to carry over during the week has given me the motivation to start changing the way I was seeing myself. I adopted a new, healthier daily routine and things have started to look and feel different.
Manu has been incredibly supportive, not hesitating to have extra 1 to 1 calls for showing me the right direction in the darkest moments. It has been a strange, fascinating and absolutely worthwhile journey, which has brought so much more confidence and self awareness in my life.
Definitely an experience I feel like to endorse for anyone willing to explore their masculinity and to learn how to express it in a better and healthier way.



“This course was not easy, it was a challenge, but when you’ll finish the course I promise you will be happy and hopefully like me you will be hungry for more, you’ll continue the search, the journey that Manu started for us”

I took the course with Manu few months back and since that time I wanted to continue to work with him, he really sparked something inside of me.
I thought I knew what it was to be a man, I thought I knew what was like to interact with women and how to attract women. But I realized that everything that I know about it is conditioned by society.
Not only it was amazing to take the lessons from Manu but it was also nice to be among others men like me, looking for more, searching for more. We were diving deep.
This course was not easy, it was a challenge, but when you’ll finish the course I promise you will be happy and hopefully like me you will be hungry for more, you’ll continue the search, the journey that Manu started for us.
I definitely recommend this course, it’s absolutely amazing.




Regular Price: 150 €
  • 5 live sessions on Zoom
  • 29 recorded small video-lectures available also after the end of the course
  • 1 private session at the start of the course
  • group chat to receive support for the all period of the course
  • a FREE 1:1 session in case you are interested to follow up with a mentorship program

Refunding Policy:

If at the end of the course (maximum 1 week after our last group call) you are completely unsatisfied and:
  • you did most of the practices and all the homework
  • you watched all the videos
  • you attended to all 5 meetings
then you will have the right to ask for a total refund of the course.
I am here to support your growth and I assume that you are fully committed with this course. If after all you didn’t feel any improvement I am happy to find a better strategy together or to give you your money back straight away.


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