The session looks like a full body massage but it brings inside the meditative presence, the energetic work, and many techniques to adapt depending on the client's needs. Therefore every session is tailored to the person. It's not just a massage indeed, it's transformational bodywork. That means that it goes deep in the body and in the mind, working on a physical and on an energetic level. It supports the healing and the relaxation of the body, but also of mind and spirit.

It comes from 30 years of experience of my teacher who created this approach (Alchemy of Touch™). He combined different styles (Thai, Reiki, Deep tissue, Myofascia release, joints release and more...) in a unique way, with a strong foundation of meditative presence from the side of the giver.

This profound fusion facilitates the release of tension by focusing on the Myo-Fascia in order to unwind physical imbalances and open subtle energetic channels, restoring the body and mind to a state of harmony and deep relaxation to regain innate and optimum health.

What is the Art of Touch Playshop?

Based on my experience as a bodyworker I am providing space to learn and practice the art of touching with heartful presence. This is not about sexual pleasure, it's not the goal of this playshop. It is rather a way to learn how to deeply and kindly connect with another person through touch. This kind of touch can provide an immense release of oxytocin, a hormone that is connected with relaxation and pleasure. Of course, the Art of Touch can be a great tool to learn in order to improve your sensual and sexual skills.


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