The Erotic Hero – LEVEL 1

How to develop intimacy to the next level

A workshop for cis-men


Are you willing to develop the intimacy with your partner, with women in general, and with yourself?

And ultimately, grow as a person?

Then this workshop is for you.
To be erotic means to embrace your own sexuality and life-force in order to thrive. Not only in a relationship but also in the ordinary daily life.
Here you will receive an introduction to what every man should know in order to better understand women and to improve the intimate life.
This workshop will not only give you great knowledge, but it will also provide you a group experience of safe brotherhood.
We will connect all together with the same purpose of growing as conscious healthy men, living in a society that can’t tolerate anymore any toxic behavior towards women.
It’s our duty to walk united into this journey.
I will provide you the space to do this.
In this workshop the following topics will be introduced :
  • Men’s sexuality Vs Women sexuality
  • Anatomy of his and her pleasure
  • Toxic sexuality Vs Healthy sexuality
  • How to shift from old patterns to a new way to make love
  • The different sexual energies
  • Boundaries and consent