Retreat in Cyprus




Let’s expand into a more embodied versions of ourselves in the Heart of Cyprus mountains with an intimate group guided by Manuele Paradiso and Anfisa Shimkevich.
The main focus of this retreat is the journey of the Eros through the Heart.
“Eros” is our inner fire, is a powerful force that is mostly known as our “sexual energy”.
The intention of this retreat is to let people experience how to engage with our inner fire without the necessity to have an immediate sexual outcome.
It is often the case that we tend to project this energy as a desire towards another person.

In the safe container that we will create, we will have the opportunity to bring our inner fire to another level, letting it reach the Heart.

When this happens we can have a feeling of empowerment and completeness. Our approach to the other person doesn’t come anymore from a space of neediness or horniness, therefore the connection can still be intimate but more authentic (and safe).

This is a fundamental process for the making of a conscious intimate connection.

The idea of this retreat came from the felt necessity of bringing people together in a historical moment of disconnection and distance. We want to do that with playfulness, consciousness and safety.
The program of the retreat includes:
  • meditation
  • cacao ceremony
  • sound healing journey
  • interactive practices
  • sharing moments
  • conscious contact and touch
  • walk into Nature
  • good healthy food


The way you can benefit from this retreat:
  • Transform/expand your vision of an intimate connection (from purely physical to non-physical) & bring a greater satisfaction to your life
  • Deepen the connection to yourself and your partner/future partner
  • Discover and experience a better embodiment of what Eros can be in its full potential
  • Experience bringing your Spirit & Body together into intimacy




 Logistic details:
The retreat will start the morning of the 6th of November  at 10am, and it will end the evening of the 7th of November at 7pm.
The retreat will take place in a hotel in the middle of Cyprus’ mountains.
Food and accommodation will be included (meals will be vegetarian with vegan option).
You have the possibility to choose between single or double room.
You have the possibility to take the room from the night before and/or for the last night.
Early birds (until 28/10):
– 229 € shared room
– 249 € single room
Late birds (after 28/10):
– 260 € shared room
– 280 € single room
Prices include:
  • 1 night stay (for the 6th);
  • 1 lunch and 1 dinner for the 6th;
  • 1 breakfast, 1 lunch for the 7th;
About the facilitators:

Manuele Paradiso is an inner explorer committed to the development of his most authentic self.
His purpose is to share his journey unfiltered with the people and inspire them to follow their heart.
He offers his experience and support to people as a facilitator, blogger, speaker, mentor and practitioner of transformational bodywork.
In the last years he frequented spiritual communities in India and Thailand, participating and getting involved in different groups, workshops and retreats. In his journey he aimed to the integration between intellect, spiritual call and sexuality, three aspects that before had been always in conflict within him.
His attention goes in particular to men (but women also) who wants more awareness about their cultural conditioning and support in the development of a deeper and more conscious relationship with their partner and themselves.
Since one year back he has been active with an online course for men (The Attractive Hero) with the intention of self development supported by a healing space of brotherhood. He also offers mentorship programs for men.
(IG: @manuele_paradiso)


Anfisa Shimkevich is a joyful soul and owner ofHeart-to-Heart Time holistic service in Cyprus. Being a Bachelor Graduate of the International Quantum University of Integral Medicine in Natural Health Sciences, a Certified Keiths Cacao practitioner and facilitator, Handpan Musician and Intuitive Healer she finds incredible joy and her live’s purpose in facilitating circle gatherings such as Cacao Circles & Womens Circles to create a safe, compassionate and loving container in which people can come to embrace their emotions, transform their thinking, re-establish connection to themselves and deeply rest. All to help people have a more prosperous and happy life, she combines her creativity, intuition, inner-gifts and emotional intelligence into unique self-discovery adventures.
(IG: @hearttoheartcy)


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